LumenPnP Feeder (5 pack)

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LumenPnP 8mm Feeder for Desktop Pick and Place
LumenPnP 12mm Feeder for Desktop Pick and Place
LumenPnP 8mm Feeder for Desktop Pick and Place
LumenPnP 12mm Feeder for Desktop Pick and Place

Feeders make your LumenPnP desktop pick and place even faster and more automated. If you use tape widths other than 8mm and 12mm, check out our strip feeders.

For LumenPnP versions v2 and v3.0, a Feeder Slot Harness is required for use. Machines version v3.1+ come with the Feeder Slot Harness included and pre-installed.

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Auto-Detect feeders using OpenPnP 

Eliminate time spent manually reloading strip feeders

Straightforward guided setup on our docs page

Lifetime Tested to hundreds of thousands of feeds

Supports down to 0402

Fully Open Source and constantly improving


With a high-resolution encoder and high ratio gearbox, the feeders are capable of feeding 0402 components consistently and reliably. 

Set your pick position once, and trust that you'll get parts served up to the same place, every time.

Easy to Use

With a custom feeder type in OpenPnP, just click the "search" button and all your feeders auto-populate. They even remember what parts they have loaded, making job setup even easier.

Check Out The Docs Page


Up to 50 feeders can fit on a LumenPnP at once. When other tape width variants of the feeder become available, they'll be fully compatible with your machine's setup.

Feeders are also compatible with any version LumenPnP, so you're set to automate tape feeding regardless of your setup.

Upgrading Previous Version LumenPnP for Feeder Usage

LumenPnP versions before v3.1 require the installation of the Feeder Slot Set. If you have a LumenPnP with a version before v3.1, you can pick up a slot set here: 


Technical Specifications

Minimum Component Size0402
Dimensions15mm Wide
163mm Long
107mm Tall
Standard 7" reel
for 8mm tape
Any size
Machine CompatibilityAll LumenPnP
(v2 and v3)

Product Details

Feeders require configuration and setup using OpenPnP. We provide default configuration files and setup instructions, which can be found on our docs page.

Final feeder design is subject to change before shipping. We are constantly updating and improving the design.

Proudly assembled in the USA.

Items purchased in the same order will ship at the same time, with the longest lead time of all the included items. If you have any questions before ordering, you can reach us through our Support Form.